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About the Buck the Chuck Series
Buck the Chuck children's book series on freedom

BUCK the CHUCK is an upbeat picture book series that helps children understand and appreciate freedom’s role in America’s founding principles. The series stars a lovable but reluctant hero––a woodchuck named Buck––who finds himself at odds with freedom thieves.

In each adventure, Buck tackles his challenge with help from his guardian whistle pig, Thor, a rather new-to-his-wings fellow. In child-friendly, bite-size pieces, the series explores why the Framers of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution thought freedom was so important. It looks at freedom itself, freedom of speech, free enterprise, equality, unalienable rights, and everything in between. Colorful and comical, BUCK the CHUCK simplifies the complex for kids and helps their champions explain just what it is that has made the United States of America the “shining city upon a hill.”

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Buck the Chuck character
Thor - Buck's guardian whistle pig in training
Maggie - Ace Reporter
Jumbo Shrimp
The Boozleboops
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Buck the Chuck: The Fight for Freedom

BUCK the CHUCK: The Fight for Freedom

Buck is spooked by the BoozleBoops who have come to steal freedom from the residents of Chucksville just like they did in the swampy forest. When Thor, Buck’s guardian whistle pig in training, suggests Buck fight for freedom, Buck wonders what freedom looks like. Buck has always lived with freedom so he takes it for granted, appreciating its value only when he sees others without it. This book uses color to make the point: Chucksville is colored bright with the fruits of freedom while life in the swamp is gray because its residents gave away freedom’s colors for the false promise of something better. Buck learns an important lesson: freedom comes with responsibilities — it is a gift worth fighting for, even if it’s scary.

Sample spread from Buck the Chuck

Hardcover available on Amazon early March, 2020!

Buck the Chuck: Let Freedom Sing

Let Freedom Sing

It’s eerily quiet in Chucksville. The birds aren’t singing. Wait a minute, just where ARE the birds? Could it be the evil BoozleBoops are up to their freedom-thieving ways, again? This seems like a job for Buck the Chuck and his guardian whistle pig, Thor. In BUCK the CHUCK: Let Freedom Sing, follow Buck ,Thor and their many friends in Chucksville in another exciting adventure as they stand up for freedom and end the sounds of silence. Learn why the Founders believed freedom of speech is so crucial that it kicks off the Bill of Rights. And witness Buck learn an important lesson: everyone has the right to his or her own song.

Sample spread from Buck the Chuck

Hardcover available on Amazon early March, 2020!

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About FreedomBlossom Press
History of Buck the Chuck and FreedomBlossom Press

Once upon a time not that many years ago, our storytellers were just like a lot of you — going to work, paying their taxes, Friday night fish fries, mucking out stalls (OK, not that part). Living the American Dream, you get the idea. Then they discovered their beautiful horse farm — loaded with woodchucks, OUR HEROES — was being tagged as a restricted “viewshed for the enjoyment of others” and other worrisome stuff like that. WHAT DID THAT MEAN?! They needed to defend their property! Their first response was measured, respectful, and a dead duck as we say in woodchuck-speak. So, they embarked on the five stages of grief. Finally, they got their act together, stood up for what they believed in and won the battle against the light-fingered, know-it-alls (THANKFULLY, since this is our home too!) But the experience made them think about their rights and the principles upon which this country was founded, on those ideals that set the great “American experiment” in motion. Then they wondered, WAIT A MINUTE!, if this overreach was happening to them, what about others? What about their granddaughter? IN FACT, just what was she learning in school? So, here we are, two good-looking woodchucks starring in this freedom series because everyone knows woodchucks are very smart (although the cat thinks he’s the smartest…but he is not.)

Mission of FreedomBlossom Press
FreedomBlossom Press logo

FreedomBlossom Press was founded in 2018 by author-illustrator team, Lynn and Jeff Yelton. Its mission is helping children understand and appreciate freedom’s role in America’s founding principles.

The Framers of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution believed it is FREEDOM that allows us to unleash our full potential by expressing our unique talents, striving for excellence and being the best we can be, or not, our choice. They understood freedom’s value in building our communities and our country and in shaping a better world, and, they gave us a unique governing structure, based on self-governance under law, to help us protect freedom and set the country on the path to greatness. To be honest, that path has been sometimes bumpy, the journey slow, and, there’s more work to do. But the goal is worthy and it’s still the best plan out there.

Today, freedom is under assault and the noise has shaken our confidence, our unity. But, we believe our country is primed for renewal and it will start not with government, but at home with family and community. Our mission begins with a children’s picture book series called BUCK the CHUCK, an engaging, optimistic, history-based adventure into the Framers’ vision for building a magnificent country where freedom, equality and opportunity would reign for all.

Buck the Chuck authors

As the co-owner and manager of two small businesses, Lynn has spent her entire career marketing, designing and writing for others. Now it’s her turn and with BUCK the CHUCK, the serious stuff begins. When she isn’t in the office doodling and pondering, or raising Morgan show horses, she’s riding one, her firstborn Jumbo Shrimp (Yeah, that’s him!)

Lynn Yelton

Jeff started life as an astronaut, cowboy, detective and finger painter, and never really changed. Following a lifelong career in design capped with a stint in town and county politics (nonpartisan), Jeff now enjoys letting BUCK the CHUCK color his love for American history.

Jeff Yelton

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